technical consultancy

Technical Business Consultancy

How do you to spot technology threats to your business and 'get there first' or realise new opportunities within your sector by leveraging technically creative solutions?

We have the experience and technical expertise to analyse how your competitors do what they do and offer up ideas on how you might implement a cutting edge technological solution that could disrupt their market, or spot if there’s potential for a start-up with a new technical solution to threaten yours.

fast prototyping

Fast Visual Prototyping

Anyone can have a great idea but how do you present it in a way that really demonstrates its true potential to others?

We have the experience to turn your app, web or software idea into a visual prototype that is perfect for demoing to potential investors or colleagues and we can turn it from a concept into something you can touch and feel in a matter of days, rather than months.

Market Testing

Market Testing

How will your target users respond to your prototype or completed solution?

We can provide cold usability testing with users from any specific target demographic and, for live software, a full performance, load and security audit. User testing can include a full investigation of; users perception of the clarity of navigation, usefulness and simplicity of the user interface and the thought processes of users when confronted with a particular decision or choice on screen and any potential confusion or misunderstanding of instructions or functions.

Project Feasibility

Project Feasibility

How do you know whether the idea in your head will translate smoothly into the real world?

If you are not an experienced software architect it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to describe your technology concept in a way that a software developer will understand or to know whether your idea is even technically feasible. We have a wealth of experience in researching the market, testing project feasibility and putting the results into a written format that will make sense to technical people.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

How do you work out how much your technology project will cost?

By commissioning Xlabs to provide your project technical specification. The purpose of a technical specification document in a software development project is to define the customer's technical requirements. Think of it like a set of architect's blueprints that, if executed well, could be passed to any development team with the right skillsets and would provide them with all the information needed to build your project. It's an area we are highly experienced and proficient in.

We'll provide you with a comprehensive document that interprets requirements into instructions for ANY development team with the relevant skillsets, provides a development schedule and timescale

along with a detailed costing plan for your project.

Software Development

Software Development

How do you find the right people with the right skills to get your job done?

The software development landscape changes bewilderingly fast and developers proficient in today's development tools and languages are hard to find and even harder to hold onto. How do you select the right people and tools for the job and how can you be certain that what you are being advised by your developers doesn't just fit the particular skillset they happen to have, rather than the one that’s actually best suited to your project?

By letting us manage your technical development project for you.

We can bring well over 80 years combined experience to bear and we are not tied to any particular language or development framework. We can draw on a global network of skilled developers and we know how to brief them, task them and manage them to ensure the smooth delivery of your project and, as a new type of collaborative business, we can do all this at industry standard contract rates.

Price from
A detailed costing plan for your project will be provided as part of a Technical Specification Document.
Cloud deployment

Cloud deployment, optimisation and security

Where do you host your technology? Do you need something that is scalable and secure? Looking for a specialist in Amazon Web Services?

Xlabs has built cloud-based solutions, API’s and distributed computing solutions that scale to many millions of users. We can deliver solutions using Amazon Web Services, move your existing platform to a cloud based solution or even help with cloud security requirements.

We can help with: